Transparent Pricing

We won’t be beaten on prices! Getting best prices is a concern to everyone. Laptop London will carry on charging the lowest rates without cutting any corner on quality or our five stars service.
If you get a better quote, for the exact same service, from a registered and reputable company, we will try to beat it.

  • Laptop screen Replacement: From £39.50
  • Virus Removal: From £49.00
  • Windows Reinstallation: From £60.00
  • Backup Data and transfer to media: From £49.00
  • DC Jack Repair: Flat Fee £76.00
  • Motherboard Repair: Flat Fee £119.00
  • Overheating treatment: From £49.00
  • On site new laptop installation: From £69.00
  • Health check and performance improvement: From £69.00
  • Upgrade to Windows 10: From £60.00
  • Remote and over the phone assistance: From £39.00


We accept:

  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer

We do not accept payment by cheque.