Data Recovery

Data Recovery in North London

Data Recovery in North London

Your Valuable Data

All your data: Documents, Pictures, Music, and all your programs are stored on your Hard Drive. If it fails and becomes unreadable, all your information is in serious jeopardy, maybe lost forever.
A Hard Drive, Flash drive, or any attached storage problem is always a major problem that requires to be treated immediately, and more importantly, by the right technician.

In a computer, everything is replaceable, but not your data. This is why you are strongly advised to always keep current some form of backup for when it will happen. If the worse happens and you didn’t backup your data, you can still attempt a data recovery.

Data Recovery Options

There are 2 ways to proceed, requiring to call a professional in both cases:

  1. We will attempt a non destructive recovery by rebuilding partitions and system files if possible, and gain access to your data.
  2. If this solution doesn’t work, your Hard Drive has to be sent to a lab to be opened in sterile environment, faulty electronics or mechanical parts replaced, in order to extract the data. This procedure is not carried out by your everyday computer shop and need to be addressed to a qualified laboratory.

The price of data recovery is always high due to the high qualification of the technicians and the cost of the equipment required for this kind of repair. We have been successfully working many times with one of these laboratory in London, and we are confident they will be able to save your data. In case of failure to recover the data, no charge is applied.